As an ergonomic assessor, I use ergonomic equipment

Ben is a Physiotherapist and Senior Clinical Lead who has hundreds if not thousands of ergonomic assessments under his belt. He has been a physio for 12 years and assessing from an ergonomic point of view for 7 years. Most of this time has been spent leading the ergonomic and workplace division of the company. This has allowed for a great deal of exposure to ergonomic equipment. Over that time, Ben says you get to know what you like, what others like and what tends to work. RollerMouse items are firmly in that bracket.

Ben Beckwith

Physiotherapist and Senior Clinical Lead

IPRS Health

There is no "one size fits all" solution

Ben works for IPRS Health. They provide musculoskeletal occupational health physiotherapy, ergonomic and workplace assessments, a psych service as well as health and wellbeing screens and solutions.In the ergonomic and desk screen equipment (DSE) world, “We see people from a variety of companies with a number of pathologies and there is no “one size fits all” solution, therefore we have to take each case on its own merits and recommend or provide the correct equipment” says Ben of the assessments they conduct. “In a perfect world, everyone would have a complete ergonomic solution, however, we know this is not financially viable, therefore we do our best with other elements such as posture. As musculoskeletal physiotherapists, we are in a prime position to be able to do this”.

Things have moved on but people are still stuck in their ways

Equipment does factor heavily in a number of assessments. RollerMouse is one of those items that Ben will go to in the first instance when the case requires it and will explain to the user, just how beneficial it can be and why it is being recommended. Ben continues “sometimes, we may show the item on a web page and we have to almost convince them about it. It’s a huge departure to many and we as a nation were brought up using standard computers with standard kit. Things have moved on but people are still stuck in their ways. It’s our job to find the best resolution and educate at the same time”.

"The RollerMouse encourages me work with both hands as well as being highly ergonomic. This is why I am in a position to recommend and provide for those we assess."

Working with both hands

“From a personal view, I also believe in practice what you preach” says Ben. “As a physio, I exercise a lot. Likewise, as an ergonomic assessor, I use ergonomic equipment. I have a RollerMouse Red at home and I love it. Yes, it took a little while to get used to. I am incredibly right handed due to an illness as a child which left me paralysed on the left. Happily, 99% recovered, there is still a marked weakness and therefore laziness on the left. The RollerMouse encourages me work with both hands as well as being highly ergonomic. This is why I am in a position to recommend and provide for those we assess. So far, my team and I have only received positive feedback and I would hope this continues”.

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RollerMouse Red + Balance Keyboard

About IPRS Health

IPRS Health is an award-winning private independent clinical company that was established in 1995 and is part of the IPRS Group. Today IPRS Health is regarded as one of the UK’s leading providers of qualitycorporate well being solutions, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation, ergonomic services, psychological services, health and well being screening. IPRS Health delivers these innovative services to a range of corporate clients in the Public and Private Sectors working with Employers, Occupational Health providers and insurers across these sectors. IPRS Health has an extensive in-house team of multidisciplinary clinicians which, coupled with a carefully selected and managed national clinical network, can provide services nationwide corporate health and wellbeing services including specialist flexible return to work and functional recovery solutions.

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