Why creative people love the RollerMouse

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If you are an architect or a technical designer, chances are you spend most of your day facing the computer. You probably also have quite a few tasks that require working on multiple screens, where details and precision are key.

But do you have the right tools to cover your needs? You might have both a touchpad and a drawing board available, but what about a RollerMouse?

The vast majority of us, who work countless hours in front of the screen, go through periods where we feel a strain in our arm. More precisely, the arm that controls the mouse. It can be a feeling of discomfort or pain, and you can feel it from your fingertips to your neck and shoulders. It affects efficiency and job satisfaction and can also play a significant consequence on your general work-life. This is where the RollerMouse comes into play.

Seen from an architect's point of view, the RollerMouse holds three key advantages over a regular computer mouse: Ergonomics, variety and efficiency.

  • Ergonomics: You automatically sit in a good and ergonomic working position, as the mouse is centred in front of you
  • Variation: You use both hands, creating more significant variation and less strain
  • Efficiency: You work faster and more efficiently with the innovative features

For David Carlsson, who works with visualisations and architectural solutions in 3D, the RollerMouse came to his rescue when he could no longer lift his arm due to pain.
"The RollerMouse ensures equal strain on hands and relieves arms and shoulders. I never have to raise my hand as I do with a regular mouse. My arms are kept perfectly still while I work, and I also keep my back straight. That allows me to work both faster and more accurately. It's my hand that restricts me. With a RollerMouse, I brake with one hand and control with the other instead of performing all the movements with just one. I cannot imagine anything more ergonomic."

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Intelligent features that make work more efficient

For David and many others in the graphic line of work, the scroll bar and the smart features, such as easy accessible copy/paste buttons and the ability to quickly change the cursor speed, make a big difference. Video producer Kristian Baycroft agrees to that:

"After a while, I found that I edit faster for several reasons. The first reason is that it only takes small movements with a RollerMouse to move the cursor across the screen. It might be a small thing, but it makes a big difference in the long run. Secondly, RollerMouse has 'copy' and 'paste' buttons, which makes it a lot easier when I need to copy something. I know there are also keyboard shortcuts, but these buttons are faster to use than any shortcut. I sometimes forget to use them, because I'm not used to them, but when I remember them, I save time! The last reason I edit faster with RollerMouse is that I can spend more time editing without taking a break because my hands are much more comfortable. RollerMouse's ergonomic design means that you have to use both the mouse and the keyboard more healthily. I might not recognise the full benefits now, but I am sure 60-year-old me will thank me."

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New tools require adaptation

It is no doubt that it might take a little time to adapt from a regular mouse to a centred mouse like the RollerMouse. It's all about habits. And once you've overcome the first hurdle and discovered how much more efficient you can work, it's hard to imagine switching back to a regular mouse. Kristian explains it very well:

"Setting up the RollerMouse was very easy, as all it took was plugging it into a USB port. Initially, I didn't get along very well with the RollerMouse, because it felt very different from a regular mouse. I kept reaching to the right to grab my mouse. I had to relearn using a mouse when using the RollerMouse, but I had a steep learning curve. After a few days, I was already comfortable with the RollerMouse and used it just as fast as a regular mouse. I didn't think I would get used to using the RollerMouse, but the novelty of using something so different made it almost fun to use, and by the time that feeling wore off, I had already become used to the RollerMouse."

At Contour Design, we believe in our products, and with 25 years of experience in developing ergonomic mice and keyboards, we know what works. Thus, we aren't afraid to offer you a 14-day free trial. Whether you're an architect, technician, graphic designer, video producer or even if you're juggling numbers in Excel sheets, we know that the RollerMouse can make a big difference for you in your day to day work. Do you want a Kinder Egg, and are you ready to experience the difference? Then order a free trial here.

If you want to read more about the RollerMouse, click on this link.

Facts * about using a centred mouse:

  • 99 % say using a central pointing device has eliminated pain and discomfort
  • 65 % believe ergonomic equipment helps them work more efficiently
  • 54% have experienced distress related to using a mouse

* Survey conducted in collaboration with Coxit PR in the Nordic region with 4.000 participants.