Circular packaging

As a production company, Contour Design has a major responsibility with regard to how we handle and utilise resources. By 2030, the UN has a stated goal of significantly cutting waste generation through the application of measures centred on prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. And it is precisely in this area that we have started our work with circular packaging.

Plastic waste is one of the biggest issues

We are clearly facing significant challenges and numerous pitfalls in the area of packaging, which is why we have chosen this as a point of focus in our work with circular economy. Because wherever big challenges are to be found, big opportunities are rarely far away. And that is exactly what we have identified in the field of packaging. The following figures from the European Commission speak for themselves:

40% of the 50 million tonnes of plastic produced in Europe every year is used for packaging.
59% of the 25 million tonnes of plastic waste generated in Europe each year stems from packaging.
Between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic find their way into the seas and oceans every year, accounting for fully 80% of global marine pollution.

Plastic-free and circular packaging

We at Contour Design are working to introduce 100% recycled cardboard. We are also committed to eliminating all plastic from our product packaging as a part of our work with circular economy and to help achieve the UN goal for cutting the volume of waste generated. In addition, we are encouraging all our consumers to deposit their packaging for recycling, to ensure that it is reused correctly and for as long as possible.

Packaging with greater transparency

In order to achieve greater transparency in our external communication, we are striving to make our reporting clearer and more detail-focused in future. It is important to us to be as sincere and straightforward as possible in our external communication. Our intention in this regard is two-fold: to give you – the consumer – the opportunity to choose your products on an informed basis, and to encourage other enterprises to take a more sustainable approach and integrate information about sustainability in their reporting cycle.

Our path to 100% circular packaging

The section below sets out the process we are following towards our goal of introducing 100% circular, plastic-free packaging. The list applies to Contour’s own warehouse and was last updated on 7 January 2020.