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Contour’s revolutionary RollerMouse is designed for professionals who spend much of their working day in front of a computer.

RollerMouse gives you better workflows and a more efficient workday while reducing pain and strain, often due to the use of traditional computer mouse. You should try to keep your wrist in a neutral position, whether you type on your keyboard or use your mouse. Below are some of the most important benefits of using RollerMouse.


An effective working position is the way to a more efficient workday

A familiar workflow is critical to any type of computer work, whether using Office applications or creative design software like Adobe Photoshop. RollerMouse’s deliberately unconventional approach, puts cursor control right in front of your keyboard, and will help you to work faster by removing the need to reach or find your standard mouse each time you need to move your computer cursor. Placing both hands close to your keyboard shortcuts also helps to reduce the time you take to complete your edits.

Configure it!

RollerMouse is plug & play on PC or Mac, and will work via USB without the need for additional drivers. While left & right click, double click, scroll wheel and copy & paste buttons are all pre-configured, using the optional drivers program will allow you to change what all the buttons do.

Not only is RollerMouse a computer mouse which allows you to customise every button, but it also allows you to create different profiles to suite the software you’re using; automatically adjusting to your favourite keyboard shortcuts as you switch between apps such as Outlook and Word, or creative apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and more. Integrate your own regularly used keyboard shortcuts into RollerMouse to save yourself even more time and get a more efficient workday!


Speedy Edits

Capable of high cursor speeds, RollerMouse is also completely at home navigating across multiple monitors, even in relatively compact workstations, and requires no need for open desk space like a standard mouse. At the press of a button, adjustable cursor speeds also give you greater flexibility; fast speeds are great for creative applications, but slower speeds are ideal for more traditional office work or web navigation. No more need to access computer settings to adapt to your current project.

Accurate Tracking

RollerMouse is also highly accurate, making it perfect for complex edits that you need to do. With adjustability, up to 2800 dpi, and with tracking measured within the rollerbar, rather than across a potentially uneven desk, RollerMouse Red in particular provides a uniquely stable platform, allowing you to focus on where the cursor is going, rather than on where the computer mouse is placed. Accuracy is perfect for CAD and similar design programs. Keep your eyes on the screen, for more efficient editing.

Reduce Fatique

Whether you’re editing video or photos, being creative in CAD or crunching data for your latest software project, RollerMouse’s central positioning takes away awkward reaching and leaning associated with a standard computer mouse. Ambidextrous in design, RollerMouse allows for gentle fingertip control, meaning that you will be more relaxed as you work. As well as encouraging good posture, pain from common conditions such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel can be alleviated, as RollerMouse encourages you to adopt a relaxed hand and arm position. Designed in collaboration with top ergonomists and health & safety professionals, RollerMouse is a safer way to work on your computer.

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