Focus on environment

Contour Design produces high quality products that are designed to endure being used for many hours each day for many years. In other words, we have a strong focus on preventing our products from becoming part of the throw-away culture that negatively affects our environment.

The circular mind-set

Circular thinking is about circular economics and is basically concerns keeping materials and products in orbit with the highest possible value for as long as possible. That is, to recycle resources or even better to repair or upgrade products that would otherwise wind up as waste. You can read more about circular economics here. When it comes to maintenance of our products, we have made it easy to contact our support department to ensure that your Contour product will last for many years. For the same reason, we do not make new models every year, but stick to those products that have proven to meet the needs of our customers.

Circular packaging

We have chosen to use the same circular mind-set when it comes to our product packaging. Therefore, we have started to implement the use of recycled cardboard in our product packaging.

Read more about our circular packaging here

Environment and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

By placing our work on the environment in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we put our work into a larger context, as we believe this will in the end have a greater impact.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Contour Design works with the Environment

Goal 12.2:
Contour Design is in the process of eliminating the use of plastic in our packaging and instead implementing the use of 100% recycled cardboard. In doing so, we help manage the planet’s resources in a more long-term and sustainable way. 

Contour Design works with the Environment

Goal 12.5:
By implementing 100% recycled cardboard, this initiative also helps reduce waste generation, as the lifespan of the cardboard can be extended by up to seven times.

Contour Design works with the Environment
Goal 12.6 Through clear follow-up and reporting of our ambitions, progress and process, we will be able to create greater transparency and credibility in the industry, as well as with our customers. We hope that this workflow will encourage other companies in the industry to do the same.