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On our blog we write about the trends of ergonomics, we share tips and tricks that help make your worklife better and our aim is to inspire better ergonomics in your workspace.

How much does an ergonmic mouse cost?

An ergonomic mouse is often more expensive than a traditional computer mouse. Naturally, there is a reason for it.

Avoid injuries and save money

It is not as expensive as many believe to change your ergonomic situation. In the long run, you can save money.

A tingling sensation in your fingers or hand pains?

Luckily, there are numerous treatment alternatives for pain and discomfort associated with static computer work.

The most frequent causes of sick leave

If you are experiencing various pains or discomfort when working from your home office, you are one among many.

The optimal home office

Design a working oasis at home that benefits your body’s ergonomic needs while efficiently conducting your work.

Get rid of pains in hands and shoulders

Two out of three office employees experience physical injuries such as pains in the neck and wrist when on the job.


All our guides in one place – easily find our concrete advice, tips and tricks and inspiration for everything about ergonomics – from how to create a work environment that ensures good ergonomics to the perfect set up of the home office.

Your home office

Everything you need to know about your home office. From ergonomics and exercises to write-offs and regulations.

What is a mouse arm?

Are you having pains in your shoulder, forearm, or hand when at the computer? Then you might suffer from a mouse arm.


We are really interested in ergonomics – and we often go into great detail when we explore a trend, a problem or ergonomic challenge. We collect the work we do in our publications, which you can find right here.

An ergonomic checklist

Download our top tips on ergonomics at work and get a free checklist that you can place next to your working station.

Your home office

Everything you need to know when moving into the home office. Regulations, insurance, exercises, setup, and much more.

Get rid of mouse arm

Do you feel pain and discomfort when working with a mouse or keyboard? Read this guide on how to avoid such injuries.


Get help with the practical – all our tools in one place

Ergonomic setup

Find the products that suit you best

Office ergonomics

Let's find out if you are doing it right

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Below you will find the latest press releases and news from Contour Design. If you want access to photos and press releases, you can contact us by email:

Polaris investit dans Contour Design...

Polaris a conclu un accord avec le propriétaire de Contour Design pour acquérir une participation majoritaire dans la société. Contour...

Contour Design releases wireless versions of their ergonomic mice RollerMouse

Completing the range of ergonomic central pointing devices Contour Design is now able to deliver true freedom of movement to...

Contour Design's Unimouse is presented the prestigious Red Dot award

Unimouse, the first truly adjustable ergonomic mouse, has been presented with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the Computer...


Why choose one particular product over another? In our case stories, our customers tell about their own experiences. Why they chose an ergonomic mouse and how it has helped them.

The RollerMouse has replaced my traditional mouse

At first, Kristian Baycroft was not a fan of the RollerMouse. However, having used it for a while, his mind completely changed. “It is pleasant to use and have now replaced my old, traditional mouse,” he says.

The vertical mouse beat the tennis elbow

Jim Chapman is an engineer that works for The Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in the UK Department of Defense. Numerous long days in front of the computer resulted in a painful tennis elbow.

Sound advice for wrist tendonitis

After many years of 12-hour shifts at the computer, Matt Faulkner started getting pains in his wrist’s tendons. This made it difficult for him to work, but the UniMouse made a massive difference in fighting the injuries.

Fight your mouse arm with Unimouse

As most people do, if you spend your day in front of the computer, it can lead to painful injuries in your arms and wrists. Here, you can read more about why chief adviser Lana Dolan recommends Unimouse to her clients.

Numerous recordings meant wrist pains for a cameraman

As a cameraman, editor, or photographer, you spend countless hours editing in front of the computer, leading to wrist pains if you are working in poor conditions. Read more about how Unimouse can reduce your worries.

RollerMouse saves Mona’s job

Mona Östman works in inside sales for the world-leading PC manufacturer Lenovo. But when she sits down in front of the screen, she is not using a regular mouse from the own product range. “I would not have been able to work without the RollerMouse”.


Our customers’ opinions are important to us, as feedback helps us to improve our products. On this page, you can read customer reviews of our products.

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