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Contour Design is passionate about developing tools that can help you achieve a better workday when many hours of it are spent in front of the computer. Stay up to date with our news, ideas, and tips and tricks for being more productive and having more energy, even if you spend multiple hours in front of the computer.

Preventing sick leave with RollerMouse


Our blog gives you access to news, ideas, tips and tricks, and much more relating to ergonomics, the ideal working area, productivity, energy, and of course how it all ties together so you can achieve a better workday.
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Case Stories

Here you can read our customers’ own experiences with our products, including why they chose an ergonomic mouse and how it has benefited them.
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Customer reviews

We have gathered a number of references from existing customers who have benefited from our products and solutions.
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Our press section is aimed at journalists who want a press kit containing news about Contour Design and our products.

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