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Contour Design Inc. founded in Windham, New Hampshire, USA

Contour Design launches Perfit Mouse (Perfect Fit), a computer mouse designed to fit different hand sizes and stop and prevent RSI and CTS. It is now known as the Contour Mouse.

RollerMouse is launched

Contour Design launches RollerMouse – a revolutionary ergonomic computer mouse placed centrally between the user and the keyboard. Its rollerbar and optical sensor provide precision and predictability.

Contour Design launches ShuttlePro – a multimedia tool with jog / shuttle function and buttons for custom keyboard shortcuts that create workflow on the computer, especially for video, audio and image editing.


More than 250,000 units sold

The sale of RollerMouse rounds 250,000 units and is now being used worldwide.

More than 500,000 units sold

Contour Design begins the process of optimizing the logo and the company’s graphic identity.

The sale of RollerMouse rounds 500,000 units.


RollerMouse second generation

All RollerMouse products are updated. Each second-generation product has the appendix 2 after its name.

RollerMouse wins the Red Dot Award

RollerMouse Red is rewarded with the coveted Red Dot Award.


Balance Keyboard is launched

The first keyboard is launched. It’s wireless and designed specifically for RollerMouse Red and RollerMouse Free.

Unimouse wins the Red Dot Award

Unimouse is awarded the Red Dot Award.

The sale of RollerMouse now rounds more than 1 million units.


25th anniversary

Contour Design celebrates its 25th anniversary. After 25 years in the industry, we have established a portfolio of ergonomic products that can help office workers to a better everyday life by reducing pain and discomfort associated with many hours of work with computer and mouse.

Perfit Mouse is voted “best ergonomic product”

At the 13th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, Contour Design’s Perfit Mouse is voted “best ergonomic product” by more than 3,000 ergonomics specialists from around the world.

More than 100,000 units sold

The sale of RollerMouse rounds 100,000 units.

Contour launches ShuttlePro v2 og ShuttleXpress.


RollerMouse Pro is launched

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Pro – the second version of the already well-established RollerMouse concept.

RollerMouse Free is launched

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Free – the third version of RollerMouse. Its fully open rollerbar gives users greater variation.

RollerMouse Free wins the 2009 Prix de l’Innovation at Preventica Lyon, one of Europe’s biggest work health, safety, and ergonomics trade fairs.


RollerMouse Red is launched

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Red- the most versatile RollerMouse to date with new technology that tracks the roller motion from inside a tube. The product sets new standards for design, feeling, comfort and performance within centrally located mice.

First arm support is launched

The first arm support is launched. The forearm support is specifically designed to become part of the arm and wrist rest of the RollerMouse Red.

Unimouse is launched

Contour Design launches Unimouse. An adjustable one-hand mouse with stepless choice of slope from 35-70 degrees. Unimouse offers variety, support and good fit – regardless of the size of your hands.

Contour Design opens its first self-production in China. Step by step introduction of new versions of the products.


Wrist support for the Balance Keyboard is launched

Contour launches wrist support for the Balance Keyboard. A wrist rest that ensures a more ergonomic working position with comfort and good support for hands and wrists.

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