Ergonomic mice and products

If you spend many hours in front of a computer every day, you’ve probably experienced pain, weakness or discomfort in your hands, arms, neck and/or shoulders. These symptoms can be caused by using a traditional computer mouse instead of an ergonomic mouse. A true ergonomic mouse reduces pain associated with making repeated movements and awkward gripping and is designed to provide you with the best possible working posture.

Avoid repetitive strain injuries with an ergonomic mouse

As many as 54 per cent of office workers have experienced pain and discomfort related to multiple hours’ work with a mouse. An ergonomic workstation is an important factor in avoiding repetitive strain injuries and maximising physical performance. For most people, spending a long time in front of the computer will result in discomfort and pain – something that can be reduced or completely avoided with a carefully designed ergonomic workstation. Based on many years’ experience, we know that the computer mouse in particular plays a crucial role in this area, and this is reflected in our product range.

Centred mice – RollerMouse

The centred mouse is placed in front of your keyboard, so you don’t have to stretch out for it. You can use either hand and control the cursor by lightly moving the rollerbar with your fingertips. In this way, it eliminates the repeated and unnecessary movements that can otherwise result in pain in the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists, and is therefore ideal if you suffer with or want to prevent mouse-related repetitive strain injuries.

One-handed mice

If you prefer a one-handed mouse, don’t despair. At Contour Design, we have developed two models that between them meet most people’s needs for an ergonomic mouse. While Unimouse and Contour Mouse each have their own advantages, both of them reduce tension in the hand and can be adapted to fit you exactly.

Multimedia Controller

If you work with image, sound or video editing, you’ll love our Contour Multimedia Controller products, which are preconfigured to work together with most multimedia software in use today. With programmable buttons and a jog wheel, you’ll quickly complete your creative assignments. Making changes, editing videos or adding image effects only requires a single click, and there’s no need to use complex commands via the keyboard or submenus.

Keyboards and other accessories

Keyboards and accessories play a large role in your well-being. Could a good palm rest or a wide armrest be exactly what’s needed to optimise your workstation? Or what about a keyboard that can be angled at a negative tilt, thereby placing your hands in the best position for typing? We’ve thought about it all – find the entire range here on the pages.

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