Our range of computer accessories are designed on the same principles as our mice: to provide you the best and most ergonomic user experience. The range includes everything from armrests and wrist rests to laptop stands, keyboards and sleeves.

Accessories that increase comfort

Increase comfort and reduce tension in your neck, back, arms and wrists with accessories that automatically places you in a more ergonomic working position.


Optimise your working procedures with the correct tools

Make the best even better by combining your mouse with one of our Contour accessories. The correct tools can quickly increase comfort, creativity and productivity, and improve your working procedures and workflow.

All of our armrests use materials that provide excellent support and distribute pressure, while simultaneously being easy to clean and a good fit in an office environment.


Negative tilt for better ergonomics

For example, try our Balance Keyboard, which can be set to a negative tilt, automatically placing your hands in the correct typing position and thereby relaxing your fingers more.

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