Red plus palm support

Accessory for RollerMouse Red

When bigger is better

Red plus palm support is our extended wrist rest that allows you to achieve an even more comfortable working position for your forearms and hands. Designed specifically for RollerMouse Red, the Red Plus palm support provides a longer and smoother transition from desk to RollerMouse and keyboard. Red plus palm support promotes an even better and more ergonomic working posture for you, and additional comfort for computer users with larger hands and longer fingers.

Better support for the wrists

The extended wrist rest, made of the same comfortable leatherette material as the standard rest, adds an additional 2 inches (15.5 cm total) of support to your palms, wrists, elbows and forearms. Its wavy angle improves hand posture and pressure distribution. Red plus palm support is suitable for desks with at least 30 cm of space in front of the computer screen.

RollerMouse Red

Without Red plus palm support

RollerMouse Red + Red plus palm support

With Red plus palm support

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