RollerMouse Free3 series

Rollermouse free3 - rollermouse free3 wireless
RollerMouse Free3

Ergonomic and lightweight with great comfort

With its sleek, low design, Contour RollerMouse Free3 is a good fit for slim and compact keyboards. The low weight makes RollerMouse Free3 the obvious choice if you often change your workstation, but don’t want to compromise on ergonomics and comfort offered by a RollerMouse.

Reduced in weight but not in functionality

RollerMouse Free3 is our lightest RollerMouse, but that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on functionality. In fact, RollerMouse Free3 offers an impressive seven programmable buttons. In addition to copy/paste, and left-/right-/double-click buttons, this mouse also offers two forward and back buttons that are compatible with most browsers. By using the buttons on the mouse, you minimise the number of clicks and related movements that you would otherwise have to do with a traditional computer mouse. If you need to reprogram the buttons, this is easily done with our optional software driver.

Achieve high speeds and a great range

With RollerMouse Free3 it is easy to adjust the speed of the cursor, and the rollerbar sensitivity can quickly be adjusted, depending on the work assignment. Most of us will choose a slower speed for precision work, and a higher speed for quickly navigating between different areas on the screen or multiple screens.

Two hands are better than one

By working with both hands and varying your working position, you can avoid discomfort and prevent mouse-related pains . RollerMouse Free3’s low and streamlined design means it sits nicely in front of a slim and compact keyboard, and the thin rollerbar is easy to manoeuvre and emphasises the streamlined feel.

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