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RollerMouse Pro3

Ergonomic posture with RollerMouse Pro3

Contour RollerMouse Pro3
has a tried-and-tested, robust design that is well suited to full-size keyboards. The light rollerbar makes it possible to use the mouse without an unnatural hand position, which minimising the strain on your hands and fingers after a long day’s work. Pro3 gives you a natural and balanced sitting position, as you rest your hands in front of your body, which decreases the strain on everything from the fingertips to the shoulders and neck. This means that you can remain focused on your tasks and can work more comfortably and efficiently.

Great results with minimum effort

Let Pro3 do the work for you. Only a light touch is needed to move the rollerbar and the cursor on the screen, without having to grip or move the mouse. You can control the rollerbar with your fingertips on one hand while the other hand controls the buttons, meaning that the assignment is shared across both hands and the strain of many hours’ work with a mouse is minimised.

Adjustable features

Pro3 has multiple helpful built-in functions, such as copy/paste with a single click, settings for three different control systems, and the possibility of adapting click sensitivity and cursor speed according to your own preferences. Choose between ten cursor speed settings using the central cursor speed button; the selected speed is displayed with indicator lights. You can also set how hard you want to press in order to perform a mouse click.

Pre-programmed buttons

Pro3 offers an array of pre-programmed buttons that facilitate the most common mouse functions, such as double-click, copy and paste. By using the buttons on the mouse, you minimise the number of clicks and movements that you would otherwise do with a traditional computer mouse. If you need to reprogram the buttons, this is easily done with our optional software driver.

One mouse – multiple wrist rests

The RollerMouse Pro3 family is available in two different wrist rest versions. Pro3 comes with a short wrist rest and is ideal if you’re short on space. Pro3 Plus comes with a deeper wrist rest that provides even greater comfort and extra forearm support while you work.

RollerMouse Pro3


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