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Contour Mouse

Because not all hands are the same size!

Contour Mouse is a family of ergonomically designed mice that support any and every hand, no matter the size. Therefore, your grip on the mouse is relaxed, and you avoid bending your fingers too much.

The Contour Mouse family consists of multiple mice in different sizes both for the right and left hand, and with the possibility of a wired or wireless connection.

Designed with three equally big mouse buttons

This ergonomic mouse has five buttons, including a third, full-size middle button. The three primary buttons are extra long, so you can click using your knuckles rather than your fingertips. The fingers rest on the buttons, and you click using small, soft movements with outstretched fingers. Your thumb rests between the forward/back button and the scroll wheel on the side of the mouse.

Technology develops quickly, but our hands stay the same

Contour Mouse was launched in 1995. Before that, over 120 different prototypes were tested until we discovered the perfect design for your hand, which we launched under the name “Perfit Mouse” – a portmanteau of Perfect Fit. However, while technology develops quickly, our hands stay the same. Therefore, we’ve retained our optimal design in this mouse, with the addition of a small elevation in the middle of the mouse that supports the hand in a similar way as insoles support the foot and arch in a shoe. This specially designed mouse helps you to avoid mouse-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, which occur due to repetitive mouse movements. The fourth-generation is now available in a new metal grey colour.

Find your right size

Your hand should rest on top of the mouse so your whole palm is supported. To find the right size of Contour Mouse for you, measure the length of your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the first crease of the wrist.