Getting started with RollerMouse

Congratulations on your new RollerMouse. Take a look at our tips on how to get started – then you are ready in minutes.

Basis functions

Use the roller bar to move the cursor on the screen. You can also click with it.

Use the large button on the left to left click and the large button to the right for right-clicking.

Use the scroll wheel in the middle for scrolling and clicking.

Getting started!



Place the keyboard over your RollerMouse. The front edge of the keyboard must be parallel to the roller bar. Place the scroll wheel next to the center of the letter part of the keyboard. On most keyboards it is between “G” and “H”.



Spend some time evaluating the height and angle of your keyboard and find the location that feels best. The more straight you hold your wrists, the better for your body. If you think the keyboard is too low, you can easily raise it by inserting the keyboard risers.


That's it...

With these few steps you are ready to go. We hope you will be happy to work with your new RollerMouse. Once you have worked with your RollerMouse for a while, you may want to change the cursor speed as well as the click sensitivity of the roller bar. How you do it depends on which RollerMouse you are using. Find more information in the manual for your product.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Product Manuals


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