Getting started with Unimouse

Congratulations on your new Unimouse. Take a look at our tips on how to get started – then you are ready in minutes.

Basic functions

Unimouse has 3 main buttons, left click, middle click and right click.

Adjust the angle of the Unimouse to your preference.

Adjust the thumb support in/out and forward/backwards to your preference.

Getting started!



Connect your Unimouse to your computer using the USB cable, or the wireless USB receiver/dongle (wireless only) Turn the power switch under the Unimouse to “ON” (wireless only).



Spend some time to adjust the angle of the Unimouse, and the position of the thumb spport, so it feels comfortable. To avoid fixed and static positions, feel free to re-adjust the Unimouse whenever you want. Posture variation is the cornerstone of ergonomics.


That's it...

With these few steps you are ready to go. We hope you will be happy to work with your new Unimouse. After some use you might want to adjust the cursor speed, or program the buttons using the driver.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Product Manuals


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