Three stars of ergonomics

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At Contour Design, we develop products to suit you and the way you work, rather than expecting you to adapt to us. That’s why we design our ergonomic products to be adjustable, to fit your needs and preferences. Three of our stars of ergonomics are the Balance Keyboard, the Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest and the Unimouse. Together, these three products provide impressive ergonomics thanks to their high level of adjustability, support and comfort.

Who can benefit from these products?

Our products are designed for everyone who wants to optimise their workstation by using healthier alternatives than the traditional computer mouse. Whether you are doing general office work using Word and Excel, or you use Adobe Creative Cloud or CAD applications, our three stars of ergonomics will greatly improve your comfort at the computer.

Balance Keyboard

The Balance Keyboard ensures a good working position, with your arms correctly placed in front of your body. The keyboard has been ergonomically designed with adjustable tilt so you can choose the angle that suits you best. It offers full-size keyboard functionality in a compact format, with shortcut and media keys and a numeric keypad.

You can find out more about the Balance Keyboard here

Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest

This wrist rest has been specially designed for the Balance Keyboard, and is ideal for users who prefer a one-handed mouse rather than a centred mouse such as RollerMouse. Simply place your wrist rest in front of your Balance Keyboard to achieve more comfort and support for your hands and wrists, and a more ergonomic working position.

You can find out more about the Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest here


When you talk about Unimouse, you’re talking about variation. Unimouse is our award-winning computer mouse. Its adjustable design makes it easy for you to adapt its angle of tilt and thumb support to suit you whenever you need. You can adjust the mouse’s angle between 35 and 70°, and you can adjust the thumb support in all directions. This alleviates gripping pain and pressure on the base of the thumb, reducing strain injuries. Unimouse has as many as six programmable buttons and a comfortable scroll wheel, giving your creativity free rein. Unimouse is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.

You can find out more about Unimouse here

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