Multimedia Controller

If you work with audio, video or image editing, graphic design, web development, or similar tasks that require a jog/shuttle wheel, a multimedia controller from Contour is the perfect tool.

What is a multimedia controller?

Contour Shuttle is the ideal tool for anyone working with audio, video and images. This multimedia controller complements your keyboard and mouse, thereby improving your workflow. With its innovative design and intuitive choice of functions, the need for complex keyboard shortcuts is reduced and you no longer need to click through submenus.
Contour shuttle

The perfect work tool

With the integrated jog dial/shuttle wheel, you can quickly browse audio and image files, see previews of photo catalogues, and much more. The multimedia controller enables easy timeline navigation at multiple speeds.

Be creative with Contour Shuttle​

audio, video and image editing

Preconfigured for a range of applications

Contour Shuttle with free software is a plug-and-play tool and a must for anyone using Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud: (Photoshop, Prelude, Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition) and many more. Contour Shuttle multimedia controller is preconfigured to work with more than 100 popular creative editing applications. It even registers what software you are using and automatically switches configuration.

For anyone who wants to improve their creativity

Choose between ShuttlePRO v2, which is designed for a dedicated workstation or ShuttleXpress, which is ideal for remote workers or anyone who is often on the go. No matter which model you choose, it can be used for both PC and Mac, and will quickly improve your digital creativity.
Shuttle Pro V2

ShuttlePRO v2



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