Ergonomic e-books

Here, we have collected a complete set of publications. They all deal with ergonomics, which is our greatest interest. We often go into great detail when we explore a trend, a problem or solution within the ergonomic sphere – guess we simply cannot help it.

  • Free guide to optimise your home office. Download here

    Home office

    Everything you need to know when moving into the home office. Regulations, insurance, exercises, setup and more.

  • Free guide: Healthy work environment

    Work environment

    Learn about everything from mental and physical work environment to rules and regulations within the field.

  • Download the ergonomic office guide


    Everything you need to know about ergonomics - from definition to related disorders and how to prevent them.

  • Contour Design guide on Sick Leave

    Sick leave

    Are you or your employee on sick leave? Get a hold of how to approach the situation.

  • Contour Design Guide to Mouse Arm

    RSI - Mouse arm

    Do you feel pain and discomfort when working with a mouse or keyboard? Read this guide on how to avoid such injuries.

  • Ergonomic Checklist - free download

    Ergo checklist

    Download our top tips on ergonomics at work and get a free checklist that you can place next to your working station.