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Professional business person working on a laptop grabbing hands in pain
Ergonomics RSI

How do you treat repetitive strain injuries?

Since repetitive strain injuries, also called mouse arm, is often connected to computer work and poor ergonomics such as faulty installed equipment, it is good to...

Dismissal during sick leave - what now?
Sick Leave

Dismissal during sick leave - what now?

For many UK workers experiencing long term sick leave, it is a significant concern whether or not they are at risk of losing their jobs.  It...

How much sick leave can you take?
Sick Leave

How much sick leave can you take?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it all depends on whether your employer offers a better sick leave scheme than the SSP. However,...

Messy and creative home office
Sick Leave

How to reduce sick leave?

First and foremost, employers must be aware of working conditions and structures that can help discover any pains or challenges – both physical and mental –...

Woman at her home office
Home Office

What is the best space for a home office?

The best space for a home office is always where you have the room to set up a proper workstation. It includes a table with the...

Man working at home
Home Office

Being efficient when working from home

When all your stuff and no colleagues surround you, it can be challenging to refrain from getting distracted and not lose momentum in the workflow. It...

Do you want to reduce sick leave in the office?
Sick Leave

Do you want to reduce sick leave in the office? Here are 5 top tips

It is not just the flu that causes sick leave among employees. A key driver is the working environment, as it affects employees twofold - physically...

#New Normal
Work Environment

Going back to the office after COVID-19? 8 things that will have changed

Numerous things have changed in recent years, not least how we work in the office. For many, it has changed from open office environments to a...

Corworkers at the office
Work Environment

Back in the office: Expectations vs. reality

After a long period of working from home, many of us are currently returning to work. But even though you may have missed socialising with colleagues,...

there's a strong link between sick leave and ergonomics
Ergonomics Sick Leave

Sick leave and ergonomics - understanding the interlink

Sick leave and ergonomics are heavily interlinked. Neither body nor mind is designed to make small, repetitive movements for hours in front of a screen. Therefore,...

man riding a bike on his way to work
Work Environment

Return to the office: How to do it right

After working from home for an extended period, we slowly return to the office and have a more ordinary workday. It can be a significant upheaval,...

Corporate woman with wrist pain at work
Ergonomics Pain RSI Unimouse

Get rid of pain and strains with a vertical mouse

We have good news for you. With a vertical mouse, you can get rid of pain when working with a mouse. Have you ever experienced pain when...

colleagues reaching out for a handshake
Work Environment

Guide to HR: Help employees get back to the office

Little by little, employees can now return to the office. HR, work environment representatives, and management must help rather than expect everyone to return pain-free to...

Keep your wrists pain-free during office hours
Ergonomics Pain RSI

Keep your wrists pain-free during office hours

Having worked from home for ages, we are now returning to the office. A shift that gives us the perfect opportunity to ensure total office solutions...

Benefits of a vertical mouse

Benefits of a vertical mouse

It is ancient news that a classic mouse causes damage that can be long lasting and difficult to fix. A vertical mouse is designed ergonomically and...

RollerMouse Pro and Balance Keyboard

Benefits of a centred mouse

While there are many disadvantages to using a traditional mouse, you will find the same number of benefits using a centred, ergonomically correct mouse. Possibly even...

Graphic designer sitting in front of two monitors working

Get full control of precision work with a vertical mouse

Performing detailed work using a computer mouse can be tricky, and performing precise actions can often be quite challenging. There are many benefits to replacing the...

Close up of Contour Multimedia Controller
Multimedia Controller

A frequently asked question on Contour Multimedia Controller PRO v2

DaVinci Resolve is a video editing application available for PC & Mac currently taking the professional and enthusiast market by storm. We hear customers talking about...

woman stretching her neck
Ergonomics Work Environment

Ergonomics in the office: How to put it on the agenda

Conditions do not have to get worse before they get better. Especially when it comes to pain during computer work. Good ergonomic habits can help.  The...

Busy corporate office and cubicles
Ergonomics Work Environment

Are you well-equipped for the flexible future of work?

Sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and a tired back after a long day in front of the computer. A challenge for many who work in an...

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Learn more about ergonomics, work environment, sick leave and other work-related themes in our blog. The blog discovers areas that are relevant for those who work many hours in front of a computer. For many people sedentary work results in overload, strain and injuries of the wrist, shoulder or neck.

At Contour Design we're passionate about making ergonomics an essential part of life in front of a computer. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all solution, we aim to create equipment that is well-designed with a focus on adaptability, versatility, and promoting good habits.

This is what we mean by ergonomics.