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Your workflow, re-imagined!

Contour Multimedia Controller PRO v2 is the perfect productivity accessory for video, audio or photo editing applications on PC or Mac. Working alongside your mouse and keyboard, Multimedia Controller PRO v2 is designed to minimise keyboard confusion and improve workflow with its innovative design and intuitive range of controls.

Take control of your multimedia work. Single-handedly!

The Multimedia Controller PRO v2 multimedia controller will maximise your audio and video editing, graphic design, or other Multimedia Controller and jog productivity with both ideal form and function. Pre-configured for many of the industry’s leading audio and video editing applications, 15 customisable buttons will make working amazingly fast and precise by utilising commonly used macros.

Jog Wheel

Attempting to scan your software timeline is a clumsy process when you’re relying on a conventional mouse and keyboard. Multimedia Controller PRO v2’s spring loaded jog wheel allows multi-speed scanning both forwards and backwards along your timeline.

Programmable Buttons

Using Multimedia Controller PRO v2’s 15 programmable buttons you can now apply your most regularly used shortcuts or macros, so that they are always on hand when you need them, allowing increased productivity. To make things easier for you, we have made a series of labels with the most used shortcuts which you can download here.

Multimedia Controller pro
Operating systems

The Multimedia Controller PRO v2 is compatible with Apple computers running Mac OS 10.9 and newer systems, and PCs running Windows 7 and newer systems. Visit our online forum to find up-to-date application settings and drivers! Are you a software developer who would like your application to work with the Multimedia Controller? Please use our online contact form to enquire.

Multimedia Controller pro
Pre-configured settings

Ease of use is key to Multimedia Controller PRO v2, and to help you get started, the supporting software for Mac & PC includes pre-configured setup for over a 100 popular creative editing applications. Use our included settings as a template and customise them to your liking.

Windows Multimedia Controller settings
Mac Multimedia Controller settings

Multimedia Controller pro

Multimedia Controller PRO v2 will detect the application that you are using and will switch configuration automatically, a real bonus if you’re using multiple apps in a single project.

Multimedia Controller pro
Compatible software

Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Logic Pro, Autodesk Autocad, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Boris FX, Sony Vegas Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Web Browsers, Apple iWork and more. If you do not see your favourite app listed here, please contact us for more information. 


Chris Watkins Media

‘By far the best piece of kit I have ever purchased’ (Chris, Chris Watkins Media). Get a brief overview of all the benefits of Multimedia Controller PRO v2.
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‘I would 100% recommend this to people who do a lot of editing’ (Matt, CazuallUK)
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‘First, I LOVE the jog wheel. Once I realized that this is designed to run in conjunction with the mouse, the speed and efficiency of scrolling through the timeline and clips is just delightful.’ (Larry Jordan,
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‘It’s a simple idea, well executed and also very affordable, so it’s well worth checking out.’ (Paul White,
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‘The Multimedia Controller Pro 2 is habit forming. Use one for a day or two and you’ll be hooked.’ (Jim Kanter, Apple Certified Trainer, CreativeCow.Net)
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Hollin Jones, Ask.Audio 
‘Anyone who works with creative software, especially anything with a timeline, should seriously consider this tool.’ (Hollin Jones, Ask.Audio)
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Victoria Brampton, The Lightroom Queen
‘For many years, my favorite Lightroom gadgets have been the Contour Multimedia Controller Pro v2 and Wacom Intuos Tablets.’ (Victoria Brampton, The Lightroom Queen)
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