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Your work tool for audio, photo and video applications

Contour ShuttleXpress is the compact version of the multi-media controller, ShuttlePRO v2. Portable, lightweight and cost effective, ShuttleXpress allows precision editing for your digital timeline based projects, or improved workflow in popular office based applications, whilst on the move. With five programmable buttons, a jog dial and shuttle wheel, ShuttleXpress can be used for a number of applications ranging from photo editing and medical imaging to word processing and data entry.

ShuttleXpress helps improve productivity

ShuttleXpress is a compact multi-media controller, based on the award-winning ShuttlePROv2 and gives you programmability and control over most of today’s popular multi-media and office based programs. Designed for the traveller or light user, well established design ergonomics make sure that ShuttleXpress fits comfortably under one hand. Connecting to your computer via USB, ShuttleXpress will allow you greater control over a whole range of Mac & PC based applications.

Jog/shuttle Wheel

For creative digital timeline based apps, the fully responsive rotating dial and outer jog shuttle control give you analogue style feedback, making it perfect for reviewing video clips and editing audio tracks. Simply use the inner dial to scan your media frame by frame, or use the outer ring to allow multi-speed scanning backwards and forwards on your timeline. Even better, with other apps, the jog wheel can be used to preview and edit photos, scroll up and down websites, navigate spreadsheets making it so much more than a timeline focussed tool.

Programmable buttons

In addition, 5 fully programmable buttons can be assigned custom tasks in just about any multimedia or office application, or even assigned a series of automated tasks with the click of a button. There is no need to look for on screen icons, or clumsy keyboard shortcuts once you have set ShuttleXpress up to your liking, meaning that you can work more quickly and comfortably on your projects.

Pre-configured settings

For added ease, the accompanying software drivers for Mac & PC also come pre-assigned for over 100 popular applications including such great names as Adobe CC, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Autocad, Microsoft Office and Apple iWork apps. Simply open the app that you want to use, and ShuttleXpress will adapt automatically to give you the functionality that you need, especially helpful if you regularly switch between different programs. Working with any application that incorporates keyboard shortcuts, ShuttleXpress is the controller where less is more!

Windows Shuttle settings
Mac Shuttle settings


Compatible software

Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Logic Pro, Autodesk Autocad, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Boris FX, Sony Vegas Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Web Browsers, Apple iWork and more. If you do not see your favourite app listed here, please contact us for more information.


Operating systems

The ShuttleXpress is compatible with Apple computers running Mac OS 10.9 and newer systems, and PCs running Windows 7 and newer systems. Visit our online online forum to find up-to-date application settings and drivers! Are you a software developer who would like your application to work with the Shuttle? Please use our online contact form to enquire.


Before you buy

“‘I would be perfectly happy with the Xpress for travel, and have the Pro for my dedicated editing machine’ (Brian Burnett, Before You Buy)”.
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“‘The ShuttleXpress is simple and understated, it does what it does and it does it remarkably well, but the drivers are where the product really shines with them being actively maintained by Contour Design to ensure it works on the latest OS…’ (Hammy Havoc, CEO, Previous Magazine)”.
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Ben Lovejoy

‘I always travel light, but I’m definitely going to find room for the ShuttleXpress next trip I take.’ (Ben Lovejoy, 9to5 Mac).
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