Unimouse series

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The most adjustable vertical mouse on the market

Contour Unimouse is an award-winning adjustable computer mouse. It offers the ability to alter the vertical angle allowing for pressure to be taken away from the wrist, a great solution for relieving pain caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The additional movable thumb support allows for a relaxed grip and means that Unimouse is suitable for most hand sizes. Unimouse isn’t designed for static posture, its designed to allow you to switch postures during the day, a great way to further minimise pain caused by repetitive strain injuries. Variation is key with Unimouse.

Unimouse is available in four variants:
Wireless and wired and right and left hand.

Completely adjustable

Our patented articulated hinge makes it possible to adjust the angle of the mouse to anywhere between 35 and 70 degrees. The friction-based locking system is easy to use and stable in every position – even at, say, 57 degrees. It’s just like adjusting the rear-view mirror in a car.

Advanced functionality – simple installation

Six programmable buttons and a comfortable scroll wheel means your creativity can have completely free rein with Unimouse. For example, you can set the middle-click button to right-click if it feels better to work with the mouse like that, and most of the buttons can be set to most of the functions to meet your unique needs. To adapt the buttons, all you need to do is download and install our driver – then it’s easy.

Relax and let Unimouse do the work

The thumb support can be adjusted in all directions: in/out, up/down, forward/backwards, inclination and rotation. This alleviates gripping pain and pressure on the base of the thumb, thus reducing repetitive strain injuries and allowing you to maintain a relaxed grip on the mouse – whatever the size and shape of your hand.

Red Dot Design Award

The fully adjustable Unimouse has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The prize is a recognition of the high design quality and the technical and functional innovation that this mouse represents.

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