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RollerMouse Pro3

Rosalind Gray

Professional Occupational Therapist

Over a decade ago, I experienced RSI and extreme pain which was probably as a result of intensive computer and mouse work. As an Occupational Therapist I immediately started looking at the activity and breaking it down to understand what could have caused the problems. The key thing that struck me was that using a standard mouse on the right hand of the keyboard meant that I was always working out of alignment, stretching my arm out and yes, doing those things we probably all do e.g. not taking frequent breaks and holding the mouse in static holds for too long whilst working intensively on numerous database systems which required a lot of mouse clicking.

I was introduced to the Contour Rollermouse Classic. One thing I’d say is that any new change when you’re in pain takes a while to adjust to and there is also the need to train our brain in to using things differently. Being honest, I didn’t think it was going to work in the first week or two. I’m writing this as I’d say if you’re in the same position – stick with it!

The pain improved. The rollermouse has been a bit of a saviour allowing me to work in alignment but also reduce some of the clicking with the double click button. I love the rollerbar which has made a huge difference.

Fast forward and I think I’ve probably used the Rollermouse for about 14 years without any recurrence of the RSI and it feels innately part of my set up however all things come to the end of their life and it was time to replace my friend that has served me well.

I am now using a new model with new features. Just like before, I found it hard to adapt in the first week or so as I needed to train my brain and also consider the keyboard profile to get a good match that worked for me but I wouldn’t be without it.

In summary, I think the Rollermouse has saved me from years of pain and enabled me to carry on managing my job and I do a lot of computer work. If you’re in a similar position, you’ll know just what a difference this makes. My advice is, don’t wait until you’re in pain. I’d think about this preventatively so you never reach that point.

Brett W.

The RollerMouse Red saved my wrist and probably my job. My RSI’s may prevent my from using a mouse, but with the RollerMouse Red I can still get in a full day’s work behind the keyboard. I am 100% convinced it’s the only thing standing between me and some expensive surgery, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
I’ve been using the RollerMouse Red Plus for a few months and it has done wonders for my right shoulder pain! As you can see from the photo I’ve enclosed, I’ve been using it with a keyboard that has a large gap between the space bar and the edge of the keyboard, and this means I still have to reach from the roller bar to my keyboard. With the new Balance keyboard I feel like my set up will be perfect. I’m an RN working in an orthopaedic clinic and see a lot of patients with shoulder, elbow, and wrist problems, and it seems like using your products is a really good way to try to prevent such problems before they start.

Jennifer H.

The RollerMouse Free2 has saved my hands from this torture! I am a GIS specialist and use my mouse all the time often for digitizing that requires a lot of clicking. With a conventional mouse, my hand would almost get stuck in a cramped position. It was kind of like when swimming and your toes get cramped and you have to pull them apart with your hands to get them unstuck! The RollerMouse Free2 has saved my hands from this torture! In fact, because of the way it is designed, I can very easily use either hand for clicking and moving the cursor around on my screen – and I’m not ambidextrous! It even allows me to split the mouse movements between both hands, using two hands at the same time. I love my RollerMouse so much, I have encouraged my coworkers to borrow it for a while. All that have tried it really love it.

Mark L. Goldberg

Film editor

This is a very ergonomic device and there’s no stress or strain on the hands/arms. I’m an editor and am at the computer at least 8 hours a day…. this device has saved my life because clutching a regular mouse and caused nerve damage in my hand. I love the RollerMouse Pro.

James M.

I tried many different mouse options from gamer mice to large track pads to vertical mice. The Contour mouse is the only one that helped my hand feel better. Now I can work again!

Stephen Drye

“I love this mouse. That may seem strong, but when you realize you hand is no longer going numb and your wrist no longer cracks and causes you pain, you get those sorts of feelings.

I use a large-size Contour. Until I found it, I had never found a mouse that fit my hand. All of them were too small and forced me to really grip them. Being small, they also created a wrist-flicking style of mouse movement, that when done all day every day (I’m a programmer) eventually killed my wrist. The closest I had come was a Logitech Mouse Man, but even it was just a temporary solution. With it my wrist never got any better, it just didn’t get any worse.

After having the Contour for about a month, the pain in my wrist is mostly gone. The bones in my wrist no longer crack, and my wrist doesn’t get stiff by the end of the day. My hand doesn’t get numb, either.

Yes, it does take a couple of days to adapt to the whole-arm motion that the Contour mouse needs, but I can completely and honestly say it is worth it. It’s no different than back when we all first tried to get the hang of a mouse. My take on it is that what you’re doing in learning how to use this mouse is un-learning all of the bad habits your current mouse has trained you to.

After having to use the mouse on my home machine (Logitech) extensively this past weekend, I’m going this week to buy another Contour for home. The pain from using the small mouse is all back again.

The Contour mouse is worth every penny, and all the re-training time, in my opinion. You just have to ask yourself how much is the use of one of your hands worth to you?

To me, it’s a lot. I can’t say enough good things about the Contour Mouse.

David Wilkerson

Wilkerson Design Associates

It is rare that a product really lives up to its advertising hype, especially when it is supposed to do something as nebulous as make your hand or arm “feel better.” I had been using a Microsoft mouse (the old “Dove bar” shape) eight to ten hours per day for last six years. Suddenly, about 4 months ago, I noticed my hand and forearm muscles were stiff and sore. Within a day or two, I could barely move my hand after using the mouse for only a few minutes. I rearranged my work station so the keyboard, mouse, chair and monitor were at the right height, etc., etc., according to all the ergonomic diagrams. Slight improvement. Next I bought a new (Logitech) mouse, then two different trackballs. No improvement. with any of them. I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to use a computer any more—a scary thought since my entire livelihood depends on it. About 3 months ago I noticed an ad for the Contour Mouse. I ordered one. It took several days to get accustomed to using it. But soon I noticed that the pain and soreness was diminishing. Within a week the pain was gone and it has not returned.

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