Case Stories

Why should I choose this one particular product over another? You can read our customers’ own experiences with and reviews of our products in our case studies, including why they chose an ergonomic mouse and how it has benefited them.

Saving time in the photo studio

Amit is a photographer and spends a lot of time on editing photos that customers wish to buy. Read how Amit and his team has increased their productivity with the ShuttlePRO v2. An easy to program multimedia controller, that allows you to map your favourite functions to each button and to create macros, effectively reducing multiple key presses on the keyboard to a single press on the Shuttle.

As an ergonomic assessor, I use ergonomic equipment

As a physio, I exercise a lot. Likewise, as an ergonomic assessor, I use ergonomic equipment. I have a RollerMouse Red at home and I love it.

Jyske Bank committed to combating repetitive work

Our employees are our most important asset,” says Sine Askov Møller, OHAS Consultant in Team Working Environment at Jyske Bank. “They should enjoy what they do and not have to deal with excessive physical or psychological strain at work.

TETRIX impresses with wellbeing at work

For several months Ninni was suffering of persistent pain in the arm, and only massage could give her short-term relief. After a month with RollerMouse, Ninni’s pain in the arm had disappeared completely.

RollerMouse saves Mona’s job

Mona Östman works in inside sales for the world-leading PC manufacturer Lenovo. But when she sits down in front of the screen, she is not using a regular mouse from the own product range. “I would not have been able to work without the RollerMouse”.

RollerMouse has been a surprising combination of comfort and efficiency

“It took me a little while to change my instinctive habits from using a more traditional mouse design, to break from the long-ingrained muscle memory, but once I got to grips with it the benefits have been fantastic”, says Chris Willman, who works for a security company.

How David got rid of his pain

David Carlsson is an industrial designer and works primarily with 3D visualizations. Two years after his graduation, he could hardly move his right arm. He got a tip about RollerMouse and tried it. Since then, the pain is gone.

RollerMouse has replaced my regular mouse

At first Kristian Baycroft didn’t really like the RollerMouse, but after learning how to use it, and using it daily changed his opinion. “It is comfortable to use and has currently replaced my regular mouse,” as he says.

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