Terms and conditions

The Contour Design reimbursement program (“The Promotion”) is reserved for end users residing in Sweden. It cannot give rise to any resale of product.

Promotion period: the cashback offer is valid for any purchase between May 27th and August 31tst 2024. The references of eligible products appear in the table below.

The Promotion is only valid for newly purchased products, invoiced directly by an authorized Contour Design partner in Sweden. To find an authorized Contour Design partner near you, contact your usual Contour Design contact or ask your IT Partner to show their authorisation. The following people will not be able to benefit from the Promotion: Contour Design employees, Contour Design partners and their employees, Contour Design distributors, resellers participating in the operation as well as any person linked to the organization of the Promotion. Products bought via Bol.com and or Amazon will not be accepted. 

A valid company / business name and email address must be provided with all claim submissions. Contour Design can request chamber of commerce registration number to verify the request. 

A unique invoice number and unique valid serial number (in warranty) must be provided with all claim submissions. The uploaded invoice needs to be verified by the reseller and Contour Design can request the official order confirmation e-mail from the reseller to verify the claim. 

Promotion Limits: The Promotion is limited to 10 Contour Design products per customer. It does not apply when Contour Design, through its network of reseller partners, offers customers a sale price different from the standard sale price.

Reimbursement request process: to benefit from the Promotion, customers must go to the page www.contour-design.co.uk/pages/cashback-2024 to provide the requested information. The invoice for the eligible product(s) will serve as proof of purchase. It must be dated during the Promotion period and sent before the promotion closing date so that Contour Design can validate the discount request. Contour Design will respond by email within seven (7) days from the date the request is sent. Contour Design is not responsible for invalid, incorrect or inaccessible email addresses on the application form. The buyer should contact claims@contourdesign.com if they do not receive a response from Contour Design within 7 days of submitting a valid and correctly completed claim.

All refund requests must be made before the deadline of october 15th 2024. No requests will be accepted after this date.

Reimbursement of the discount will occur within 60 days from the date Contour Design accepts the request. Payment will be made by transfer. By choosing a payment by BACS / SEPA transfer, Contour Design will cover any costs incurred by your bank and your bank will not have to charge you for them. We advise you to check your bank's pricing policy. Payment will be made only in the name of the purchaser of the eligible product(s) shown on the invoice (proof of purchase) matching the company / business name. The bank account provided must also reside in Sweden.

If Contour Design suspects abuse or participation that contravenes these promotional conditions, Contour Design has the right to deny the customer in question, including all email addresses and submissions associated with them, further access to the Promotion, to reject the submission(s), without giving the participant any right to compensation.