What is a centred mouse?

RollerMouse challenges the way we interact with a computer. This innovative mouse is placed in front of your keyboard, which minimises your working area and simultaneously creates synergy in the workflow between your keyboard and mouse.

Its placement also easily enables you to introduce variation by using both hands. By keeping your hands in front of your body the whole time and working with small, easy movements, you avoid straining your neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists, making it easier to focus and work with greater precision.

Designed for anyone who spends many hours in front of the computer

RollerMouse is designed for anyone who spends a large part of their workday in front of a computer.

Optimal working methods are key for all forms of computer work, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Office or creative design software, such as Adobe Photoshop. With RollerMouse, the cursor controller sits just in front of the keyboard, improving your work flow as you no longer need to stretch out for your mouse to control the cursor.

Placement of both hands close to the keyboard also makes it easier to use keyboard shortcuts, further increasing your productivity.

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The Functionality of the RollerMouse

Goodbye to repetitive strain injuries

A centred mouse can relieve the pain of mouse arm and similar conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and trigger finger, which you can read more about here.

RollerMouse has been developed in collaboration with ergonomics experts and enables you to work in the way that benefits your body best.

The ergonomic benefits of using a centred, two-handed mouse

Reduce fatigue with a centred mouse

RollerMouse can help you minimise pain and strain often caused by using a traditional computer mouse. Its centred placement enables an ergonomic working position and prevents over-stretching, strain and twisting in the body.

It can be used whether you are a number-cruncher, a CAD creative or a video and image editor. Thanks to a design that enables the use of both hands, the cursor can be controlled with a light touch of the fingertips, allowing you to achieve more relaxed and varied work, and always remaining within the ideal working area.

Working at the office space

Contour RollerMouse is a revolutionary ergonomic tool to replace your traditional computer mouse. It is a centrally located pointing device for PC and Mac, and only requires very light movements with the rollerbar to move the cursor on the computer screen.