So which RollerMouse should you choose?

Contour offers several options when it comes to selecting a centered mouse. All models come in different versions, either wired or wireless or with different sizes of wrist rest.

If you're unsure of what to choose, you can compare all products by following the link below.

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Essentially there are several models to choose from, RollerMouse Pro, SliderMouse Pro, RollerMouse Pro3, RollerMouse Free, RollerMouse mobile & RollerMouse Red. The table above will help you choose which ergonomic mouse is best for you. If you need help working out the differences then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you. 

  • RollerMouse Pro - the centred ergonomic mouse

    RollerMouse Pro

    With the RollerMouse Pro, you control everything;cursor navigation, programmable buttons and a large scroll wheel are all centralized right infront of you. We have built it like this to prevent you from stretching, twisting and straining. It isseamless to customize it to match your personal preferences with the magnetic wrist rests thatcome in different sizes and materials.

  • SliderMouse Pro is a two handed mouse for any office worker

    SliderMouse Pro

    The SliderMouse Pro is a centered mouse that allows you to do desk work in comfortable, ergonomic positions - even without stretching, twisting and straining. Our new cursor navigation with the intuitive mechanical navigation bar is integrated on top of the SliderMouse Pro, allowing your hands the freedom to rest snugly on the entire width of the mouse.

  • RollerMouse Red

    RollerMouse Red

    The most accurate RollerMouse available, and with unmatched build quality, the Red & Red plus will provide the best experience available. Advanced engineering and superior technologies mean that this is the most capable, adaptable and comfortable RollerMouse available.

    With a choice of standard palm rest (Red),  an extended rest (Red plus) or an armsupport (Red max) you can choose your own level of comfort. RollerMouse Red & Red plus are also available in USB or wireless versions.

  • RollerMouse Pro3

    RollerMouse Pro3

    Pro3 is a classic model which is most at home used with a traditional workplace computer. Pro3 is ideal for workers performing traditional office work including office applications and web browsing. With a partially enclosed rollerbar, RollerMouse Pro3 is suitable for intensive work with a numerical part of the keyboard. If you prefer a larger palm rest then take a look at Pro3 plus.

  • RollerMouse Free3 from Contour Design.

    RollerMouse Free3

    A great all rounder, with the benefits of higher cursor speeds, the Free3 performs well with general office work, but is also capable of dealing with undemanding creative work, opening up possibilities for photo & video apps for example. An open roller-bar and a larger palm rest means it is great for users with large hands. A sleek design means it also pairs well with many laptops. If you want a wireless device then Free3 Wireless is one to consider.

  • RollerMouse mobile

    RollerMouse mobile

    RollerMouse Mobile is the mobile version of a centred mouse. It is short and compact. RollerMouse Mobile is perfect for carrying on the go, so you can maintain good ergonomic style with customers or in the café where you work for shorter periods at a time.RollerMouse Mobile can be connected in different ways: by cable, without cable, via USB dongle or Bluetooth 4.0.

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