RollerMouse – FAQ and Troubleshooting

Here you will find answers to some of the questions that may come up in connection with your RollerMouse.

When cleaning your Rollermouse, we recommend that you follow the cleaning instructions that you will find in the link below.

Important! – It is important that you do not use harsh detergents or hand sanitizer on your Rollermouse. We recommend using an Air duster and antibacterial cleansing wipes.

Follow the cleaning guide:

Red/Red plus

Dust/hair/lint on the sensor might cause erratic cursor movement. Cleaning the sensor should help.

Follow the cleaning guide:

Red/Red plus

Contact us to receive extra button caps for the button that is sticking to proceed with the instructions.

Guide for replacing buttons can be found here

Your RollerMouse might be in the wrong mode, please try the following instructions:

Hold the Cursor Speed Button (DPI) and COPY button until the LED animation shows the current mode.
Release COPY and press it again to cycle through the other modes.

A LED flashing on the farthest right side indicates it is in MAC mode.
A LED flashing on the farthest left side indicates it is in PC mode.
A LED flashing from the middle to both sides indicates it is in HID mode.

Note! If you are using remote desktop, please download the driver.

Some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or docking station.
  • Try re-connecting your RollerMouse to a different USB port or restart the computer.
  • Try connecting your RollerMouse to another computer.
  • Make sure you haven’t downloaded another mouse driver on your computer. It might interfere with your RollerMouse.
  • Try connecting someone else’s RollerMouse to your computer (and vice versa).

    If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then the problem is most likely with your computer.

    If the problem with Roller Mouse is consistent and appears in the same way on any computer, then your RollerMouse unit is most likely the cause.

    If the problem still persists, please contact us here for assistance.

Try connecting your dongle to the computer, using the USB extension cable that came with your product.

Please verify if you are connecting your dongle to a USB 3.0 (blue port) or USB 2.0 (black port). USB 3.0 ports tend to have a higher frequency of radio interference over USB 2.0. and may cause lagging.

Please review your product manual to see how to change your cursor speed, and the different selections for the speed itself.

The User manual for your device can be found on our support page here

If you moved the rollerbar all the way to the left or right and you’d like to continue moving your cursor, simply force the rollerbar slightly in the intended direction until you hear a gentle click. This activates the end detection and the cursor is free to move anywhere on the screen. Release the rollerbar when the cursor is where you want it.

If you find that your cursor is too often out of the roller bar’s range, your selected cursor speed may be too low.

To manually change the button functions, you’ll need the latest driver.

All of our drivers are available on our driver page here

All RollerMouse products are pre-programmed with smart button functions. This built-in software gives users the most ergonomically beneficial set of button functions so you can just plug-and-play.

However, you may wish to use the driver to manually change button functions for even greater functionality and variation.

RollerMouse Free3, Pro3, and Red models all have a PC mode and Mac mode built in. Please see our user manuals here for help on switching between PC and Mac mode.

Click function, click tension and click sound* can be adjusted on the RollerMouse.

Please follow the instructions in the user manual here

*(only on Red/Red plus)

Yes, all our wired* RollerMouse products have a thin client mode. Please follow the guide below:

Red/Red plus 

*wireless RollerMouse products does not have this mode, and may not work on thin clients.

As of this time none of our RollerMouse products are meant to be compatible with KVM switches. Due to the nature of some KVM switches, you may find that your RollerMouse is in fact compatible; however, the RollerMouse is not designed to be used with a KVM switch.

Most KVM switches must determine if the input device is a keyboard or mouse, which creates a problem when connecting a RollerMouse. Despite this, there may be some KVM switches that are able to recognize devices other than a standard mouse or keyboard.

Please contact us for more details

Depending on where your mouse is plugged in it may cause erratic behavior. Though if you were able to use it in the same environment prior without any problems, then this is less likely the cause. Please plug it directly into the back of the computer for the most effective connection.

Using a KVM switch, docking station, or USB hub can cause conflicts.

Certain programs are also known to cause issues with the RollerMouse such as VMWare or Paradox.

Lastly, other software drivers can sometimes cause issues; specifically, drivers for other pointing devices. If you had any other devices that you were using, make sure that the software has been fully uninstalled.

The short keyboard risers are packaged attached to the long keyboard risers.

To use the short keyboard risers, you will have to separate them from the long risers.

The wrist rests can be removed for cleaning and replacement. When cleaning, use gentle agents and products.

If you want to replace the wrist rests, please contact your RollerMouse-reseller.

Yes, all wireless keyboards from Contour are secured by encryption.

The communication between the dongle and the wireless product (2,4GHz) is secured by an algorithm called AES 128 bit, which is an industry standard when it comes to encryption on consumer devices.

During the pairing process, a random encryption key is generated and exchanged between the dongle and the wireless device, and that is stored and used afterwards to secure the communication. The pairing process is kept secure by the fact that it happens only upon user request, and it is intentionally very short range which prevents eavesdropping.

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