Optimize your workplace with a Home Worker Kit

With an ergonomic Home Worker Kit you can optimize your workplace, whether you are working from home or you are a remote worker with changing workplaces.

Home office or mobile workspace

Fortunately, ergonomics is receiving the attention it deserves in many workplaces. Not so fortunately, very few of us take those good ergonomics with us when we work from home or often have to change workstation. However, just as many rules and restrictions apply to the mobile workstation as in the office, provided that you change workstation at least once a week. If you work at the kitchen table with your laptop at present, do yourself a favor and look at your equipment. The worst imaginable scenario for your body is for you to use your laptop all day without a separate mouse and keyboard. And it is also important to raise your computer up to eye level.

An ergonomic workstation solution for home-workers, hot-deskers and travellers alike

If you often change workstation, you may think that it would be tiresome to keep moving ergonomically correct tools, or that the equipment would be far too heavy to carry around with you. But it doesn’t need to be that way. The Unimouse Laptop Travel Kit includes an adjustable Unimouse, Penclic C3 Compact Keyboard and Contour Laptop Stand. With our lightweight Home Worker Kit, which can be just tucked under your arm, you can have an ergonomic mobile workstation that also increases your efficiency, prevents tension and reduces the pain in hand and lower arm caused by using a traditional mouse.

Improve your working day with a Home Worker Kit, comprising:

Unimouse - for your mobile or home workstation

Contour Unimouse:

  • The innovative Unimouse enables you to vary your wrist angle for a more naturally relaxed posture. Reduce pain and strain by adopting a handshake position for you wrist.
  • Unimouse is designed to fit you, and not the other way around. An articulated thumb-rest means that this mouse will fit most hands.
  • Adjust mouse speed on the fly, and change button functions with our flexible driver software.
  • Available in right and left-hand versions.
  • Wireless with USB adaptor.
  • Learn more about Unimouse here
Penclic keyboard

Penclic C3 Mini Keyboard:

  • A compact design that is easy to carry and which encourages a more relaxed arm position.
  • Low profile to avoid awkward wrist posture.
  • Powered by wired USB, with 3 additional USB connections built in so you can power or charge other devices.
Laptop Stand for your mobile or home workstation

Contour Laptop Stand:

  • Designed to bring your laptop screen to a natural ergonomic height.
  • Folds down to a compact size for easy carriage.
  • Alter both height and angle of your laptop.
  • Flexible design allows it to be used with most laptops up to 15-inch screen.
  • Learn more about Laptop Stand here
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