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Advantages Of Centred Working 

Did you know that 54% of all office workers experience muscle pain while at work?

Working centrally significantly reduces strains

With a centred mouse like the SliderMouse Pro, users’ hands will be kept naturally in front of the body, significantly reducing the stress on the neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

The body’s movements are minimal, making it more relaxed and tense-free.

SliderMouse is the perfect tool for long days at work

The importance of sticking to your zones

When sitting behind your desk, have a look around. Is there order in the chaos, or are most of your stuff placed at random? The things you use most must be in the primary zone, where you can reach them without stretching. This keeps you from overextending and straining your hands, arms, and shoulder. As such, your mouse, keyboard, and notepad go here.

All the things you use less frequently, such as your phone, coffee, etc., go in the secondary zone, where you have to reach for them slightly. And in the final zone, you put everything you only use a couple of times during the day, like an afternoon snack.

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The three work zones at the office desk

More than 38% of all sick leavers work from behind a desk

The perfect ergonomic match

Combining the SliderMouse Pro with the Balance Keyboard BK makes excellent sense if you are in the market for the ultimate setup. The Balance Keyboard has a built-in incline tilt that reduces stress on tendons and nerves even more, making it the perfect partner for the SliderMouse Pro.

SliderMouse Pro Slim Dark Grey

Are you aware of the possible ergonomic improvements you can make at your desk? If not, have a read through our guide for the optimal setup.

Ergonomic checklist