The mobile workstation

Fortunately, ergonomics is receiving the attention it deserves in many workplaces. Not so fortunately, very few of us take those good ergonomics with us when we work from home or often have to change workstation. If you work at the kitchen table with your laptop at present, do yourself a favor and look at your equipment. The worst imaginable scenario for your body is for you to use your laptop all day without a separate mouse and keyboard. And it is also important to raise your computer up to eye level.

An ergonomic workstation solution for home-workers, hot-deskers and travellers alike

Laptops are a popular device now that many are as powerful as the traditional desktop PC, and it’s not uncommon for them to now be our everyday computer. Laptops are versatile and portable, but when used for long hours they can be a serious health risk to your neck, back and wrists.

If you’re working for long hours on a laptop, then consider the Unimouse Laptop Kit. The Unimouse Laptop Kit includes an award-winning ergonomic Contour Unimouse, a Penclic C3 compact keyboard and the very popular Contour Laptop Stand. This combination will allow for a more ergonomic approach to laptop computing when used on a suitable desk and chair, and can help banish pain and strain caused by poor posture.

details of an optimized ergonomic workstation setup. The setup consists of a Unimouse, Balance Keyboard and Laptop Riser from Contour Design.


#1 Ergonomic Mouse
Laptop touchpads can be responsive and versatile, but they’re uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. They encourage poor wrist posture and can cause strain due to repetitive and wearing finger movements. Contour Unimouse allows for a more natural vertical wrist position and its adjustability will allow you find a relaxed fit that is perfect for you

#2 Keyboard Spacing
Many laptops use small non-standard keyboards which are designed to make them more portable. They are designed for occasional light use whilst travelling, not for an eight-hour stint in the office. Introducing a responsive Penclic C3 compact keyboard into your setup can help reduce hand cramps and repetitive strain injuries.

#3 Screen Position
When using a laptop, it’s almost impossible to adopt an ergonomic working position. The low position of the computer screen means that users tend to hunch over the keyboard. Whilst this posture is ok for short periods of time, constantly leaning forward can lead to long term strain and pain on the neck and back. Using a Contour Laptop Stand to raise the height of the screen will help achieve a straight back and will improve your overall posture.

Products for the mobile workstation

  • Hand on the Contour UniMouse


    – The innovative Unimouse enables you to vary your wrist angle for a more naturally relaxed posture. Reduce pain and strain by adopting a handshake position for you wrist.
    – Unimouse is designed to fit you, and not the other way around. An articulated thumb-rest means that this mouse will fit most hands.
    – Adjust mouse speed on the fly, and change button functions with our flexible driver software.
    – Available in right and left-hand versions.
    – Wireless with USB adaptor.

    Learn more about Unimouse here


    Laptop Stand

    – Designed to bring your laptop screen to a natural ergonomic height.
    – Folds down to a compact size for easy carriage.
    – Alter both height and angle of your laptop.
    – Flexible design allows it to be used with most laptops up to 15-inch screen.

    Learn more about Laptop Stand here